YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2024 Application, Eligibility List, Status

YSR EBC Nestham Yojana 2024

YSR EBC Nestham Scheme: To promote women’s livelihoods, both state and federal governments execute a variety of programs. Women are given numerous financial incentives through these schemes. The Andhra Pradesh government recently introduced the YSR EBC Nestham Scheme. Women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds will receive financial help under this plan. This article contains all of the pertinent information on the YSR EBC Nestham Yojana. By reading this post, you will learn how to take advantage of the scheme. Aside from that, you’ll learn about the objectives, benefits, features, eligibility, required paperwork, and so on.

YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2024

On January 25, 2023, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced the YSR EBC Nestham Scheme. This initiative will provide Rs 45000 in financial support to economically backward class women from the upper class between the ages of 45 and 60. This financial support will be given in three stages. The government has transferred Rs 15000 as the first installment, amounting to Rs 589 crore, into the bank accounts of 4 lakh impoverished women from the state’s Reddy, Kamma, Arya, Vysya, brahmin, Kshatriya, Velma, and other OC groups.

YSR EBC Nestham Scheme
YSR EBC Nestham Scheme

Details of YSR EBC Nestham Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2024

Scheme Name   YSR EBC Nestham Scheme
Category Andhra Pradesh Govt. Scheme
Launched by Government of Andhra Pradesh
Year 2024
Budgetary Allocation Rs. 670 crore
Benefits ₹ 45,000/- in three phases (₹ 15,000/- per annum for a period of three years)
Total Assistance Amount Rs. 45,000 per EBC women
Official Website Not Applicable (To Launch Soon)

List of Eligible Beneficiaries

The YSR EBC Nestam initiative was launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to offer financial help to the state’s economically weaker women. The list of all eligible recipients is as follows:

  • Women of Vaishyas Caste
  • Kshatriya caste women
  • women aged 45 to 60
  • upper caste women
  • Brahmin caste women
  • women of the karma caste
  • women of the karma caste

आंध्र प्रदेश मुफ्त लैपटॉप योजना

Features & Benefits

  • To be eligible for the YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2024, women must be economically disadvantaged.
  • The primary goal is to provide financial support to upper-caste women from economically disadvantaged families who are not eligible for other plan advantages.
  • Despite their financial need, such EBC women do not seek assistance from other programs because they are not from a lower caste.
  • Upper-caste women from the economically disadvantaged sections of society will receive a yearly grant of Rs. 15,000.
  • The assistance amount will be supplied for three consecutive years, i.e. each beneficiary would receive Rs. 45,000 overf three years.
  • In the Andhra Pradesh budget for 2021-22, Rs. 670 crores have been set aside.
  • On February 23, 2021, a cabinet meeting presided over by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy made this decision.
  • From the fiscal year 2021-22, financially disadvantaged upper caste women would receive Rs 15,000 per year.
  • YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2024 is only available to women between the ages of 45 and 60.
  • The only beneficiaries will be EBC women from upper castes such as Brahmins, Vaishyas, Velmas, Kshatriyas, Kammas, Reddys, and others.
  • For the convenience of inhabitants, the AP YSR EBC Nestham Scheme will be constructed along the lines of Kapu Nestham and YSR Cheyutha.

Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme

YSR EBC Nestham Yojana
YSR EBC Nestham Yojana
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Citizenship: The applicant should be a permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Total Family Income: Total family Income should be less than Rs.10,000/- per month in Rural areas and Rs.12,000/- per month in Urban regions.
  3. Total family Land Holding: The total land holding of the family should be less than 3.00 Acres of Wet Land OR 10 Acres of Dry Land OR 10 Acres of Land put together for this purpose.
  4. Government Employee/Pensioner: No family member should be a government employee or pensioner. The families of Sanitary workers are exempted.
  5. Four-Wheeler: The family should not own a four-wheeler (Taxis, Tractors, and Autos are exempted).
  6. Electricity Consumption: The monthly electricity consumption of a family dwelling unit (own/rent) should be less than 300 units.
  7. Income Tax: No family member should be an income tax payee.
  8. Municipal Property: Less than 750 sq. feet of built-up area (Residential or commercial).
  9. Age & Gender: Should be between 45 – 60 Years & Female.
  10. Category: Economically Backward Classes.
  11. Only permanent residents of the state of Andhra Pradesh are eligible to apply for this plan.
  12. While submitting the appropriate documentation, the woman should verify her bank account to ensure that it is operational.
  13. Upper caste EBC female applicants must be between the ages of 45 and 60 to be eligible to apply under YSR EBC Nestham.
  14. Only if the applicant is a woman from the economically backward class, i.e. the EBC category, will she be eligible to participate in this plan.
  15. To apply for the service, a woman must have a functional mobile phone number.

YSR Kapu Nestham Scheme

Required Documents
  • Address Proof
  • EBC Category Certificate
  • Above poverty line (APL) certificate or Ration Card
  • Bank account details
  • Identity Proof like an Aadhaar card or Voter ID card
  • Caste certificate
  • Email id
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile Number
  • Details of the Aadhaar Linked Bank Account.
  • Integrated Caste Certificate ((which includes Caste, Date of Birth, and nativity).
  • Date of Birth Proof: Birth Certificate OR SSC Marks Sheet OR Voter ID Card OR Pension Card issued by Govt of Andhra Pradesh

AP Guaranteed Pension Scheme

वाईएसआर ईबीसी नेस्टम योजना Beneficiary List Download
  • First, you must go to the scheme’s official website.
  • The website’s homepage will then appear in front of you.
YSR EBC Nestham Scheme Registration
YSR EBC Nestham Scheme Registration
  • You must click the beneficiary list link that displays on the home page.
Andhra Pradesh YSR EBC Nestham Scheme
Andhra Pradesh YSR EBC Nestham Scheme
  • A list will appear as soon as you click on it.
  • To view the list of beneficiaries for offline services, you must go to the Gram Panchayat office.

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